Pinnacle at Kierland

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This corporate office park is located within Kierland, a high-end, mixed-use project located in north Phoenix. Our goal for this project was to develop an overall theme for this corporate facility that complements the context of the surrounding uses while creating a unique sense of place. The building focuses on a central plaza with a large water feature that serves as the central gathering space.

The central plaza is located within the visitor parking court and provides a link between the two buildings. Pavers were used within the pedestrian areas to provide texture and interest and to extend the building materials into the landscape.

The regional plant palette provides color and texture year-round while minimizing water use. Large masses of plant materials reinforce the corporate nature of the project. Lawn is used within the plaza area to serve as additional space for functions, as well as to provide a cooling effect.

Furst Properties / Lewis Development

Phoenix, Arizona

Design Team
DFD Architecture
Floor Associates