Desert Botanical Garden

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The Heritage Garden celebrates a timeline of past, present, and future. It is an exhibit that takes visitors on a historic journey of environmentalism by honoring the Desert Botanical Garden’s founders. Concurrently, it is an exhibit that enhances the guests’ experience of the present by providing exceptional views of historic Cardon cacti planted in 1939, the surrounding Papago Buttes, water features and inspiring interpretive elements. The exhibit looks into the future by starting new Cardon forests and other plantings intended for visitors in the year 2089. The Heritage Garden design includes two new displays: the Cardon Plaza and the Contemplation Garden. Through plantings, materials, views, and sensory elements (e.g. water, poetry, shadows, light), each area will have a unique feel to it. At the same time, the exhibits have a common experiential thread: a connection to the past, memorable experiences of the present and thoughts to what can be done for the future. Dedicated February 2016.

Desert Botanical Garden

Phoenix, Arizona

Design Team
Floor Associates