Hance Park

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Final Presentation
Hance Park offers the City of Phoenix a unique opportunity to establish a vibrant civic space that will become a vital hub in downtown Phoenix. A great city deserves a great urban park, and the design for the New Hance Park enhances the civic space by establishing an identity uniquely Phoenix and expressive of its burgeoning culture. Hance Park will strive to serve as a catalyst for economic development, as an engine for social sustainability, and a model for ecological sustainability. The Hance Park master plan has resulted in a thoughtful design addressing connectivity and visibility with bold gestures, as well as livability and comfort through meticulous composition of microclimate and plant textures. The on-going success of this great public park is linked to each of these considerations: identity, sustainability, comfort, visibility and intimacy.

City Of Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona
Downtown Urban Park, over one half mile of U.S. Interstate Highway 10

Design Team
Weddle Gilmore
Floor Associates